fills a gap in new world media

Fifty – twenty – even ten years ago, the average person would wake up every morning to a newspaper or television broadcast to give them their daily news. They formed their own routines around this lifestyle and ultimately relied on it to keep updated on what was going on in the world. Society moved at a slower pace.

Today, things have picked up just a bit. I wake up every morning, unplug my iPhone from the charger and tap the little blue bird icon on my screen. This is my morning newspaper — only in many ways, better. I get to experience events as they unfold in what seems like real time, as twitter updates come with every new aspect of a story. I get to personalize what I want to read, by following a wide array of companies or people I find interesting or trustworthy (The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Cosmopolitan, TIME, Taylor Swift, and so on).

It has become a very exciting time in the world of Journalism and the in the spreading of news and information. While newspapers like The New York Times have adapted and joined the social media world — there was nothing that had started and purely intended to be a social media news company only, an expert in the specific field.

Until, that is.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 1.34.49 AM is a news startup that focuses on delivering news through the utilization of social media and in an online specific presence. They claim to not be a centralized news hub but rather a network of journalists working toward the same mission. Andy Carvin, founder of describes in an interview with Forbes that he believes “many news organizations use their own social media presences to direct people away from those platform and consume content elsewhere – visit their website, listen to their radio program, etc. I think too many of us have become complacent when it comes to serving social media users directly.” This is indeed true — social media users are often happy to not be tricked into viewing an article or site from a tweet, and sometimes want the simplicity and effectiveness of having a news source specifically meant for spreading news through tweets or posts — and only that.

Their abilities to provide the quick and accurate news they need to in this outlet, were tested when 48 hours after their launch, the Charlie Hebdo tragedy in France occurred. They took what was spread throughout social media like wildfire, and put it in context, conducting their own research and investigative reporting — and then feeding it back through.

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 1.49.33 AM

(Photo/Excerpt via NiemanLab)

What it seems to be, is a filter for all the bulls–t you sift through on the Internet. And that’s exactly what the world needs in a time where spreading information, accurate or not, is so easy.


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