Is the New York Times keeping up?

In a time where news is at your fingertips in the matter of seconds, print journalism must make an adjustment. While some newspapers may be discouraged at this new way of life, stuck in their old habits, the New York Times seems to be flourishing during this technological era. While this Buzzfeed-style of journalism has […]

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Exploring the tales of an explorer

(Photo by┬áKristin Luna, Following the blog, Camels & Chocolate fully emerged me in the travels of Kristin Luna. Her bio states that she is a “journalist by profession” who has worked for a variety of different media outlets. She travels not only for fun but also often on assignment. Her blog features an entire […]

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Mending the love-hate relationship of bloggers and journalists

The author, Steve Outing, points out what┬ájournalists can learn from bloggers. A valid point he opens up with is that a major reason why it’s significant for journalists to incorporate blogger-style tendencies is because we live in a media world “turned upside down by the Internet.” And this couldn’t be more true. This discussion wouldn’t […]

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