Seeing the journalism world in a new light


Having a blog these days isn’t anything new, or special.

But, I’d like to think that what we’ve used this blog for in Data/Power Journalism has been.

Reflecting on the new, innovative, and often digitalized forms that media is taking right now on this blog, has been the closest I’ve come to realizing the depth and the real meaning behind a lot of these changes. Before I had seen and experienced these changes in the media but I hadn’t often taken the time to take a deeper look or thoroughly visit a new perspective on the matter.

With this blog I have seen how the media has become has become more diverse with bloggers becoming “journalists” (in some senses), how social media has become a tool for storytelling, how infographics and other digital visuals are huge elements to making your story something incredible, how the ‘quick and easy’ characteristics of the media can lead to trouble when dealing with disturbing or controversial images, and even how robots may or may not be taking away the role of journalists altogether.

With this blog I have come closer to discovering why things are they way they are, and established my opinion on the matter.

Part of being a successful journalist is knowing what is happening in the world and educating yourself from all angles. With the writing I have done this term I think I’ve become a better, more educated journalist and one who wants to utilize all that the digital world has to offer while staying true to the age-old foundation of journalism.


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